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Monday, March 23, 2009



Here we see Romania seeking to become the fourth European nation to legalize incest. About 20 States in the U.S. decriminalize incest to some degree.

Down below we saw that bestiality is not illegal in several places.

If homosexuals are allowed to have their activities considered "marriage", why could not these other groups use the same logic for their proclivities?

The claim is that two homosexuals are "consenting adults". Well, so are a father and an adult daughter, or an adult brother and sister. Why couldn't they get "married" if homosexuals can?

What about homosexual incest? They couldn't even reproduce, so there is no risk of danger to offspring - which is the reason for incest being illegal in the first place. Would incest between two brothers or two sisters be okay? Why not?

The homosexual marriage movement leads us directly to these things, no matter how badly the queers want to claim there is no connection. Several articles have already been posted here proving those other groups are purposely following the prancing footsteps of the light-loafers.

The homosexuals can try to deny the other perverts (incest, bestiality, polygamists, pedophiles, etc.), but their denials are hollow. There is absolutely a connection between the perversion of sodomy and those other perversions. If queer marriage is permitted, there is no reason to deny many of those other perversions.

Ultimately what matters is what God said was right and wrong about such things.


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