The chronicles of the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Monday, March 18, 2013


   In another example of how tax dollars are squandered and used to promote wickedness, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley hosted and sponsored a drag (crossdressing) show on March 14.

  The star attraction was reality TV show and RuPaul cast member Shangela.  He/she/it and several other perverts dressed in women's apparel and put on an alleged "art" show. Defenders of drag robotically invoke the word art to describe this depravity, but film clips from WLUK-TV in Green Bay quickly disprove such mindless babble.

  Shangela was shown shaking various body parts and lip-synching to obnoxiously loud music as neon lights flashed on the stage. This takes talent? This is "art"? I could get a bunch of sugar-fed first graders to do the same thing for free as compared to the thousands of dollars UW-Fox Valley paid to bring Shangela's freak show to town.

  University officials repeatedly denied any connection between taxpayer funds and the crossdressing show. The use of student fees to pay for Shangela's appearance was the party line. This cliche is slippery at best and closer to downright deceitful.

  Students are forced to pay these fees, which are then dispersed by school officials to favored groups and clubs. Would UW-Fox Valley provide funds extracted Mafia extortion-style from students for a King James Bible or creation science club? So much for academic freedom and true diversity.

  The spectacle was held at the taxpayer-funded campus theater, and there are expenses associated with its usage. What were the labor costs for UW-Fox Valley employees who had anything to do with the drag show? Numerous taxpayers are squeezing every nickel in a poor economy while UW-Fox Valley blows serious cash to promote perversion.

  Since this was in our backyard, Wisconsin Marriage Defenders members picketed the show and held signs (most displaying Bible verses) as the crowd entered. We got the usual middle finger salutes and insults. Yawn. Stick and stones may break bones, but names will never hurt us.  

  One attendee told us we should be ashamed, which produced a round of laughter. How can someone who attends a drag show try to shame another person?

  Speaking of attendance, the turnout was light. The 250 available tickets (priced at a heavily taxpayer-subsidized $3 each) sold out only because sodomite sex columnist Dan Savage picked up the tab for 175 tickets, or 70 percent of  the total. Allowing for walk-up customers, that means UW-Fox Valley might have sold 100 or so tickets without Savage's donation.

  So how did the Seattle-based Savage (who is "married" to someone of his gender and has produced homo plays) find out about the Battle of Menasha? Our thanks go out to the VCY America network and Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action.

  Jim Schneider of WVCY alerted his listeners to the situation on March 8. Appling has a regular five-minute program on the VCY network, and she grabbed onto the issue and did a world-class job of exposing UW-Fox Valley. Schneider and Appling handled a disgusting and filthy topic with tact and dignity.

  What about other "Christian" media outlets? WEMI-FM in Appleton is just a few miles from UW-Fox Valley. A WMD member personally delivered information to the station on March 7, a week before the drag show took place. WEMI manager Paul Cameron soon responded with a phone call and said a station staffer might be in touch to discuss the matter.

  Despite a follow-up reminder, the call from WEMI never came. The station simply refused to inform Christians of what was happening on their home turf. The words despicable and cowardly are inadequate to describe the neutered pansy mentality of WEMI. Radio station call letters are often an acronym.  Perhaps WEMI stands for Weak, Effeminate, Milquetoast and Indecisive.

  Cameron claimed he didn't want to upset parents who might have to explain what was happening to their children while pointing to (my words, not his) WEMI's touchy-feely philosophy. So how did the perpetually well-mannered duo of Schneider and Appling handle the task? It's called professionalism.  Maybe WEMI should try it sometime.


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