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Monday, December 23, 2013




It's no surprise that Time Magazine would name Pope Francis as "Person of the year". They're a secular magazine, he has been newsworthy, and his main competition was Miley Cyrus. But, it's surprising that the "Advocate" - a sodomite publication, would bestow on him the same honor. After all, the Catholic Church is still officially opposed to sodomy and queer marriage. Maybe they like the dresses he wears?

I suspect this is really a shout-out to the previous Pope, Benedict. When he was Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, he was in charge of the Vatican agency responsible for prosecuting the homo-pedophile priests. IOW, he covered-up for them. When charges were about to be filed against him for it, he was named Pope. With that making him a national leader, he acquired diplomatic immunity.

Now that some years have passed and the coast is clear (unlikely anyone would prosecute a former Pope), he was able to resign his office. He still must stay in the Vatican, though, to be secure from potential prosecution.


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