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Sunday, July 20, 2014



Pride Alive had another picnic at Johannes Park in Green Bay, and we were there faithfully, as usual, to counter their perverted picnic. We had two open-air preachers and a several people  distributing gospel literature and witnessing to people.

The queers are getting more vulgar and bolder than ever. They are getting too used to seeing just us in Green Bay. Yes Green Bay, the queers are winning. They even invited us to protest them in Milwaukee. That's the first time that's ever happened. They are going to OWN Green Bay - and we've been warning you for TEN YEARS. And many of you are more angry with us than you are with the perverts.

Here is a letter from Al Doyle summing up his perspective:

Where will the money come from for hundreds of well-deserved awards? Baptist (and other self-proclaimed "Bible believing") pastors across Wisconsin have earned the Spineless Rainbow Tolerance trophy. In the interest of fiscal prudence, this award is being presented electronically.

The pro-homosexual crowd is persistent in promoting their views, but what about those who claim to be against sodomy? The majority of Baptist pastors in Wisconsin are semi-living proof that talk is cheap and words can be hollow. These so-called spiritual leaders have taken playing it safe to an art form. 
It's not that pastors never say anything in opposition to the sodomite agenda. They just do so in a half-hearted, limp-wristed way that has absolutely no power or influence. A mild rebuke or passing comment when they know there is no chance of being called on the carpet is as far as most pastors will go. This is known as preaching to the choir. It's like extolling the virtues of raw spinach to a group of vegetarians.

Let's get something straight (no pun intended) here. Sodomites aggressively recruit and seduce young people, church-going Christians included. Sleepy "don't make me face reality" pastors must never forget this unpleasant fact. The perverts want your children and grandchildren along with the other young people in your church. What are you doing to oppose modern Sodom? Why do you passively let Satan's pawns go after kids without opposing them? Shepherd or hireling? 

We can pray, but we also need to go toe to toe with the other side. The evidence shows that pastors have failed miserably on all counts. We thank the manly pastors who have stood with us and encouraged their members to do the same, but their ranks are small. Pastor Ralph Ovadal of Pilgrims Covenant Church in Monroe has been the most dedicated opponent of the homo agenda in Wisconsin, but he is the exception rather than the rule.

How low is the average self-anointed "militant fundamentalist" pastor on the courage and testosterone scale when it comes to confronting those who would glad turn his and other children into perverts? More cowardly than a skinny 13-year old girl.

We avoid inviting men under 30 and women to protest. Sodomites proposition and make vulgar remarks to young men, and we have seen homosexuals harass and shove Christian women when the opportunity arises. The 13-year old daughter of one of our regulars insisted on joining her father at Pride Alive.

The more our brother in Christ told his daughter to stay home, the more she pleaded to have the opportunity to witness and stand against perversion. How could we turn down someone who is so determined to stand for the Gospel? This young lady - all 5'2" and 98 pounds of her - did an excellent job in Green Bay. Do you see why so many pastors richly deserve the 2014 Rainbow Tolerance Award?

Ironically, the ones who scream and shriek the loudest about being publicly called out tend to be the biggest offenders. Pastors who are in the fight know this message isn't aimed at them, and they don't have to deal with a guilty conscience. Speaking of manly pastors, we thank Pastor Robert Hatch of Bible Baptist Church in Butte des Morts for street preaching at this year's PrideAlive rally.
Al Doyle


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