The chronicles of the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Thursday, December 22, 2005



None of us from WMD sought out this battle. The battle was brought on us. We didn't desire to get soiled in battle against the homosexual movement. I run a creation science ministry. Dick Ives is involved with music. Al Doyle is a baseball writer. Paul Buskager is involved with Bible printing and distribution. Bob and Gary Warinner are pilots. The other guys (and girls) are involved in different things. Jared Longsine is ... well, nobody knows what Jared Longsine does :-)

But Action Wisconsin and Queers on the Water invaded our town. We had the option of remaining silent or responding. We chose to respond. We counter-protested their protest. We were peaceful, civil, and didn't interfere with their event in any way. But we offered the alternative viewpoint to anyone willing to listen.

The UW0 Advance Titan covered the event. They made several errors in their slanted account, which is not surprising coming from a liberal bastion of higher indoctrination.

Residents rally for rights

Oshkosh Politicians co-sponsored ban bill

by Teresa Puschnig, of the Advance Titan

Hundreds of Oshkosh-area residents gathered in the Opera House Square on Sunday afternoon to protest bill AJR66, which would ban same-sex marriages and civil unions in Wisconsin.

TG: Hardly hundreds. It was less than 100 and almost half of them were us.

“The government has no right to tell us which marriage between two consensual adults is sacred,” Springstroh said.

TG: Oh. Would a father and a daughter be "two consensual adults"? What about two brothers? Why would three or four consensual adults be wrong?


Local politicians, including Tony Palmeri, James Genisio and Steven Dedow, also stated their support for the issue during the protest.

TG: Local what? What offices do any of those three hold? NONE. They've LOST every race they've entered. They are not politicians, they are wannabes. WMD member Terry Knutson came closer to winning office than any of those three. I have served as a District Representative and County V.P. for the Constitution party. That makes me at least as much of a 'politician' as any of those three.


The protest also brought out supporters of the bill. About 20 people gathered around the outskirts of the park holding signs stating Bible verses and the importance of a traditional marriage. Oshkosh resident Juanita Warinner, 68, said she and her family came to silently state their beliefs. “We stand for the marriage of one man and one woman for life,” she said.


  • At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Janis Joplin said…

    I've done my part.

    You're going to have to reread your blog comments back to the time Al Gore invented the Internet.

    What a dope, trying to kill the homo within! Just can't be done guy, no matter how many leaflets you pass out or comments you delete.

    Silly Rabbit! LOL


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