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Friday, May 08, 2009



Gay rights campaigner led a double life as leader of paedophile ring that carried out a catalogue of child abuse

TG: No! Can't be! Say it isn't so! Michael Kahl and his buddies insist there is no connection between homosexual perversion and pedophile perversion.

A paedophile ring has been smashed after eight men were found guilty of a horrifying catalogue of more than 50 child pornography and abuse charges.

Among the crimes was a shocking sexual attack carried out on a three-month-old baby boy by an executive adviser on child sex issues.

James Rennie, chief executive of a publicly-funded gay rights group, was one of the men exposed yesterday as members of Scotland's biggest paedophile ring.

Rennie, 38, molested the toddler son of unsuspecting friends - a little boy he had been trusted to babysit - recording the abuse and sharing it with other perverts.

In the course of the police investigation, the boy's parents were forced to watch a video of their baby son being violated by Rennie.


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