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Monday, September 05, 2011



Visitors to LaCrosse, Wisconsin often think of the city as a pleasant riverfront spot, but first impressions can be deceptive. Even a quick peek below the surface reveals that LaCrosse is a bastion of humanism and wickedness.

The University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse is an obscure fourth-tier school. Despite its complete lack of prestige and off the beaten path location, UW-LaCrosse has a long-standing reputation for being militant advocates for sodomites and lesbians. The school has even sent recruiters to conferences for young homosexuals. To call the city "tolerant" to sexual perversion and its promoters is a supreme understatement.

Put it all together, and it's no surprise that Wisconsin Marriage Defenders members had to deal with one of the most reprobate and antagonistic crowds we have ever encountered on August 27 during WMD's evangelistic outreach at LaCrosse's annual "pride" festival.

While our message is clearly the opposite of what the pro-homo crowd advocates, that hasn't prevented people on the other side of the issue from engaging in many peaceful conversations with us. Such discussions are a welcome opportunity to let homosexuals know that Christians have no hatred towards them, and that we desire to see them born again spiritually so they may have an eternal home in heaven.

That didn't happen in LaCrosse. In an almost unanimous consensus, spiritually and emotionally hardened attendees - many of them very young - refused to accept Bible tracts or engage in conversation. The number of androgynous people was quite high even by the usual standards of such an event. One patriotic man and Army veteran was angered when he heard that a U.S. flag with sodomite rainbow stripes replacing the traditional red and white stripes was flown at the entrance.

WMD hasn't engaged in street preaching until our most recent trip to LaCrosse, and two men handled the Scriptures with skill and genuine compassion for the crowd. Brian Cooper has plenty of experience with this kind of evangelism, and anyone who listened even briefly to Brother Cooper was left with a very clear message on the way of salvation. Kelly Harris followed up with a sermon aimed to reach those who find themselves trapped in a situation they wish they could escape. A young sodomite was shouting that he could marry someone of the same sex in Wisconsin. Ken Walker got shoved in the chest when he tried to inform the angry person that such an act was illegal in the state.

The saddest part of the day was watching several parents (I use that term loosely) escorting teens who were clearly on the fence when it came to determining their sexual orientation into the "Pride" fest. Words are insufficient to describe just how spineless and brain dead a person can be when they encourage their own offspring to enter a depraved world of perversion, disease and early death.

Although this is our last outreach for 2011, WMD will continue to stand for the truth of the Bible and heterosexuality in Wisconsin and elsewhere.


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