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Monday, July 16, 2012



It was a great blessing to see many more born-again Christians standing for the faith and against perversion at this year's Pride Alive rally in Green Bay.  The annual celebration of sodomy and sexual deviancy was held July 14 at Joannes Park.

  The men from Wyldewood Baptist Church were joined by four men from Bay City Baptist Church in Green Bay.  Working with brothers in Christ is always a joy, and that is especially true when your fellow laborers have a humble and kind attitude towards the lost along with displaying considerable knowledge of the Bible.

  We have learned to "expect the unexpected" when witnessing at homosexual rallies, and this year's surprise was extremely positive.  Fifteen Christian men from Green Bay-area churches met for more than an hour to pray near the Pride Alive site.  It was truly a move of the Holy Spirit, and these Christians circulated among the crowd to evangelize and initiate spiritual discussions following their prayer session.  Our deepest thanks goes out to these brethren.  A young married couple from Manitowoc did the same, and their spiritual boldness and compassionate spirit are appreciated.

  What can be said for Pride Alive except that it was the usual mix of pro-homosexual propaganda and rationalizing mixed with obnoxiously loud, shrill and carnal music?  As usual, the lamestream media served as obedient shills for the homo cause. Those who want to put the hurt on the perversion promoters might contact the major advertisers at Channel 5 and the Green Bay Press-Gazette (or Pravda-Gazette) and let them know that their financial support of these disinformation outlets means their competitors will get your business and money..

  Teenaged visitors were especially willing to have discussions with our group.  It was heartbreaking to see young people who are so full of potential being tricked and deceived into a lifestyle that leads to disease, destruction and early death.  We are thrilled to see other Christians taking a solid stand for the Lord, and we hope and pray for more of the same in the future.


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