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Thursday, August 09, 2012



  Why is it that some people (especially those with advanced degrees) have trouble grasping the simplest and most basic facts?  A prime example of that trait was displayed immediately after our arrival at the PrideAlive festival in Green Bay on July 14.

  Literally seconds after one WMD member held up a sign that asked "Would [Jerry] Sandusky support PrideAlive?", a visibly angry woman walked over and grumbled "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!   He's a pedophile!" When the woman was asked which gender Sandusky repeatedly sodomized, she stomped off without a reply. 

  Does it take the mind of Einstein to figure out that an adult man who habitually abuses young boys is both a pedophile and a homosexual? It really is possible to be more than one thing simultaneously. For example, a woman can be a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, employee and a host of other roles at the same time.

  While sodomite apologists constantly try to downplay and scoff at the homo/pedophilia connection, the facts speak otherwise.  Allowing for modest year to year fluctuations, annual FBI statistics declare that approximately one third of the child sexual abuse takes place between homosexual men and boys. That means 2% of the population commits 33% of these depraved and vile acts. In other words, a sodomite is 16.5 times more like to abuse a child than the rest of the general public.

  We're still waiting for a homosexual group or individual to publicly denounce the North American Man-Boy Love Association, and it probably won't happen soon. Homos routinely deny any connection to or support for NAMBLA, but they are a silent as a mime when it comes to speaking against pedophilia. If the misnamed "gay" community really opposes the sexual abuse of children, call a press conference and go on the record. Be loud and be proud. After all, "pride" seems to be your favorite word.  


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