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Wednesday, March 20, 2013



We occasionally give mock awards to cowardly Christians who shrink from the intrusion of the sodomite agenda into society.

We had to revoke the Elton John Award we bestowed upon Bay City Baptist Church because they DID get involved. But now we have found a very worthy recipient. Since Elton John is a singer, it's appropriate that a radio station would be the honored recipient of the award.

We contacted area Christian radio stations to inform them of the recent drag show at the UW-Fox Valley campus so they could inform their listeners of what was going on right in their own area.

WVCY's Jim Schneider did a solid job of informing their listeners and Julainne Appling did a great job as well. Julainne got mentions and was quoted by the Green Bay TV stations for her efforts.

WEMI? Their behavior was as effeminate as the cross-dressers.

A WMD member personally stopped by WEMI last week and delivered 2 copies of the drag show flyer and contact information sheet for those who wished to register a complaint. It was delivered to station manager Paul Cameron.

All we wanted was for a Christian station to inform their listeners and ask for prayer over the matter, but WEMI got limp-wristed.

Cameron wined: "we tread very carefully as we are a "family friendly" station and are well aware of the various ages that listen to our stations.  Therefore we are careful not to put mom or dad in an awkward position of having to explain something in great detail that little Susie or Johnny heard on their station. "

They are so "family friendly" that they are silent in the face of the sodomite infesting their own backyard.  Being that sodomy is a sin that God rained fire down from heaven and destroyed some entire cities over, one would think it to be an important matter to a Christian station. But it wasn't to WEMI. They'd apparently prefer little Johnny or Susie to hear only the pro-sodomite side of the story and have the parents left to deal with that.

"We are well aware of the changing 'norms' in the world and which we live, and I can assure you that our mission and vision is something you can understand and support."

There are no changing norms in the Bible, but WEMI seems more concerned with conforming to "the world in which we live." than standing for godly righteousness and opposing wickedness.

For being scared of a bunch of sissies, we bestow upon WEMI the 2013 ELTON JOHN SODOMITE TOLERANCE AWARD!


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