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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Looking to and predicting the future isn't always easy, but that's exactly what the supporters of the one-man/one-woman marriage amendment to the Wisconsin state constitution in 2006 were doing. Sadly, the pro-marriage forces have been proven totally correct in a short time.

Those who support biblical morality and marriage knew the pro-homosexual side would continue their shrill campaign of lies, propaganda and Orwellian twisting of the language to try and redefine the "union" of two people of the same gender as equal to the marriage vows of a man and woman unless a serious step was taken. Those who ignore the facts and glorify sodomy don't like to deal with a holy God or simple reality, but it has become their way of life.

The recent legalization of homo "marriage" by Minnesota politicians (almost without exception, it's corrupt and morally bankrupt politicians who do this and not the voters) made me reflect on the battle of 2006 in neighboring Wisconsin. The pro-pervert side had the backing of the lamestream media plus ample funding. The pro-marriage side had a nickel and dime budget, some committed volunteers and the power of prayer.

Exact figures aren't available, but the sodomites and their allies outspent the marriage backers by at least a 10 to 1 margin. Add in the reams of free publicity and puff pieces from the pro-homo media bootlicks, and it might seem like the marriage amendment was doomed to defeat. Wrong! Totally wrong.

The marriage amendment passed by a 59 to 41 percent margin despite one of the sleaziest, most blatant lies in political history by the sodomites. That's no small charge when you consider that the main contributors to the WMD blog grew up in Chicago and Detroit where corruption is a way of life.

The homo side dropped a stink bomb of giant proportions just a few days before the election. A last-minute ad campaign told voters that checking the "No" option was a vote for traditional marriage. In reality, a no vote was against the marriage amendment. 

Opposing a referendum and being politically active is one thing. Telling such a whopper of a lie says volumes about how low the queers will stoop to get their way, but what would you expect from a group that equates wallowing in feces and urine with "love"?

What has taken place in Minnesota, Rhode Island and other states could be happening in Wisconsin without the 2006 marriage amendment. That doesn't mean the homos and their political stooges won't try an end run around one-man/one-woman marriage, but it makes things extremely difficult for the peddlers of perversion. 


  • At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Stephanie said…

    Not all people are religious, believe in God, or practice Christianity. There is a reason behind the separation of Church and State; religion plays no part in this fight. Something has to be universally believed in order to become a valid argument. I know the moderator is most likely going to block all of my comments because he doesn't believe in what I have to say, but, to the moderator: your ignorance makes you blind, and you reject all opinions not your own. How does God condone that?

  • At 4:56 PM, Blogger T.G. said…

    {{ Something has to be universally believed in order to become a valid argument }}

    Homosexuality is not universally believed, so your argument is not valid, according to your own logic.

    {{ separation of Church and State }}

    There is no "separation of Church and State" in our constitution. There is religious liberty but no establishment of any particular religion.

    {{ religion plays no part in this fight }}

    Sure it does. God ordained marriage in the first place. He defines what it is. Performing feces-ingesting acts on another man is not marriage, no matter how many times you call it marriage. Calling a fish a bicycle doesn't make it a bicycle.


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