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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



BACK IN PACKERTOWN - of course the word "packer" takes on a whole new connotation when we're dealing with homo-sodomy.

  Wisconsin Marriage Defenders made the annual trek to Green Bay for the PrideAlive homosexual rally on July 13.  It was the typical mix of hellish "music" combined with a crowd of homosexuals along with their hetero supporters and enablers.

  What was different about 2013 a compared to previous years?  Not a great deal.  We saw more young (as in high school age into the mid-20s) lesbians than might be expected, but there wasn't anything that stood out as dramatically different.

  We were asked some sincere and intelligent spiritual questions, and it's always a pleasure to be able to have a peaceful conversation in that area.  One attendee asked why WMD didn't picket Roman Catholicism for covering up and defending pedophile priests.  Such a thought-provoking question deserves a truthful answer.

  Like many people, the gentleman who brought this issue up has been taught to think of Romanism as a Christian religion - even the "main" or biggest Christian group in the world.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  Although the Vatican uses a good deal of Christian terminology and even teaches some doctrines correctly (Jesus as the son of God, the trinity), much of Catholic theology is totally unbiblical.

  This is especially true when it comes to eternal salvation.   The Bible proclaims that we are saved through the grace (undeserved favor and mercy) of God.  Every person is a sinner, and no sin can enter a perfect heaven.  Those who sincerely repent of their sins and accept the free gift of salvation paid by the painful death of Jesus Christ on the cross can be confident that their sins are completely forgiven and they are heaven bound.

  Admitting one's sinful nature and inability to earn heaven by good works or deeds is the difficult part, and it takes an absence of pride.  Since that word and attitude has become a trademark of the homosexual movement, it's no surprise why so many in that group are hostile to the Bible.  Excessive pride isn't limited to homosexuals, as countless heteros have also taken the broad path to hell because of their smugness and unwillingness to repent.

  Contrast this free gift of grace to the Catholic teachings that works and participating in the sacraments (more works) are the keys to obtaining heaven.  Well, sort of.  The Vatican declares that every Catholic (even popes and future saints) must spend at least some time in purgatory.  Where is purgatory in the Bible?  It isn't.

  This invention of the Vatican is a middle ground to heaven where deceased Catholics allegedly work out their salvation through varying degrees of suffering and penance.  Purgatory isn't hell, but it's far from a pleasant destination.   Why would Rome invent this make-believe place when the Bible clearly tells us that every person will spend eternity in heaven or hell and nowhere else?

  The phrase "follow the money" applies here.  Faithful Catholics are told they can buy ma$$es to get their loved ones out of purgatory.  Obviously, those who were more sinful in this life require more ma$$es than others who lived morally and soberly.  Just how many ma$$es need to be bought to get a relative a one-way ticket from purgatory to heaven? To quote popes and cardinals, "It's a great mystery."  In other words, keep handing over the cash forever.  The hellish deception of purgatory has generated piles of loot for the Vatican over the centuries.

  What about non-Catholics?  The popular false doctrine among sodomites is the "God is lovelovelovelovelove" deception.  God is loving and compassionate, but he is also just and holy.  A person must accept the entire God of the Bible and not just the aspects that seem most appealing.  The just side of God must judge unrepented sin.  We pray that the people who attend PrideAlive will purge "pride" from their lives and humbly seek the Lord.


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