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Monday, July 08, 2013




Maybe it's the baseball fan in me, but I like to study statistics. Accurate numbers can tell much about what is taking place. Statistics can be a clear language of their own.

It's too bad that the deceased PJ's sodomite bar on Oshkosh's south side didn't keep statistics in its short and morally repugnant history. Maybe that was deliberate, as honest numbers would have served as an indictment of sorts.  Here are some stats that should have been kept.

1. How many new cases of AIDS and STDs can be traced to encounters at PJ's?

2. How many people were tricked and deceived into involvement with sodomy or lesbianism at PJ's?

3. What are the statistics for the number of customers who got drunk, high or both at PJ's?

4. How many crossdressing shows and performers appeared?

5. How often did the police have to respond to disturbances and other reports of trouble at PJ's?

6. Is it possible to calculate how often the natural homosexual traits of cattiness, lying, vanity, pride, arrogance, narcissism and cursing a holy God manifested themselves?

So why didn't PJ's record these numbers? It might have taken a full-time statistician to track everything.
Now that PJ's has expired, is Michaels' hair salon the next sodomite business to close? We ask that question because the lights were out and no one was around when a WMD member drove by just before noon on Saturday July 6. Perhaps "Anonymous" is taking the July 4 weekend off like many other people, but there were no signs in the door to inform potential customers.

This is at least the second Saturday in a month when Michaels' wasn't open. It's a very busy day for hair salons, so why would the shop be closed? The For Rent sign is still in the window, so you really have to wonder what's going on. As always, we would welcome an honest report on the business from its owner.



  • At 7:31 PM, Blogger T.G. said…


    Michael "Stephanie" Kahl called again with another ranting hissy fit.

    He again called me both a bully and a coward. Being kind of opposites, it's nigh unto impossible to be both of those at the same time.

    Kahl again accused me of not publishing his replies. I've published EVERY one I had in the blog queue, except for one from a woman claiming to be the proprietor of the building where Michael used to style hair.

    If that one is actually from Michael, it exposes him as an even bigger LIAR than I already thought he was.

    He again invited me to his salon, an invitation I politely refuse. I've talked with Kahl in person once, and that was more than enough. Michael can correct any misinformation and speak for himself right here. We've asked him to do so several times.

  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger T.G. said…


    What's happening with Kahl's hair salon at 15th & Oregon in Oshkosh? A For Rent sign has been in the window since April. If the sign is still up 5 months later, it's obvious that Kahl has no takers for the space yet.

    That raises the main question: Is the sodomite-owned salon shutting down? Anyone who goes by the building will see that the equipment and fixtures are still in place, but just some of the lights are on. The place looks vacant (as in no people in the building) during normal business hours.

    We await an honest answer from Kahl. The word "honest" is emphasized because Kahl claimed the salon was prospering when WMD first noted the For Rent sign some months ago. If Kahl is turning a profit off a business that appears to be deserted, then he could give Warren Buffett some lessons on making money.

    Career changes can sometimes be a positive thing in the long run. If Michaels' is history, there's a lucrative career that seems ideal for Kahl. Since Kahl has been a chronic liar in our exchanges with him, he is highly qualified to become a politician. Once Kahl is elected to office, he could sponsor and promote a bill to crack down on pedophiles. You do oppose pedophilia, correct? We've been waiting for an answer on that question for a long time.


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