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Sunday, May 06, 2007




'Gay' activist says 'We will BURY you'

Threats made against Christian workers opposing homosexual agenda

"If you continue your efforts, we will BURY you," said an e-mail from Ben Patrick Johnson, board member for Equality California, to his "colleagues" at the CRI, according to a statement from the Christian organization, which works on behalf of family and biblical values in California.

"For a group that purports to expand tolerance and civil rights, Equality California is not practicing what it preaches," CRI said. "It is shameful that a group that represents itself as promoting tolerance and civil rights would stoop to the very tactics it accuses CRI of using." "As you can see, CRI is up against radical, aggressive individuals. To be spewing such hateful, inflammatory rhetoric indicates that they are fearful of the truth CRI communicates."

Exactly. The lavendar lobby is fearful of the TRUTH so they want all opposition to their perversion to be totally silenced. That is what's behind the push for "hate crimes", making crimes against sodomites carry tougher sentences than crimes against straights and making those opposed to sodomy guilty of thought crimes. But they have no trouble spewing out HATE themselves. They hate God, the Bible, Christians, the Constitution, America, and righteousness. Homosexuals are the MOST INTOLERANT people on the face of the earth.


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