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Saturday, April 21, 2007




From Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, speaking of Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui:

COOPER: Dr. Morrison, what do you make -- you know, in his writings, there seemed to be sort of an obsession with the debauchery, the hedonism of other people. He seemed to need to prove his masculinity a lot.

MORRISON: Well, one of the early theories about paranoia is that it's a defense against the person's own urges of homosexuality. And that's a very old theory. But, if you look at the writings he had in both of his plays, they are focused on things occurring that would generally happen only in a same-sex-type relationship. But they're very threatening. And his response to those threats is to kill.

COOPER: But he seemed to be attracted to women.

MORRISON: Well, but, you know, it's like anything else. If you are trying to prove yourself, and trying to show that you're the complete opposite of what you might be afraid of, you will definitely stalk. You will definitely look into a woman's eyes and see promiscuity, which is one of the things he talked about. But the focus on the sexuality of females was only masking what appears to have been a tremendous fear that he was not truly attracted to females.

COOPER: Dr. Saltz, he also wrote about sexual abuse in his plays and molestation.

SALTZ: Yes. Yes. Yes.

COOPER: Do you think he could have been molested?

TG: Should it be any surprise that a mass killer is queer? Not at all, virtually ALL of the most prolific mass killers were QUEER. Cho Seung-Hui doesn't even crack the top three of sodomite killers.

The five leading serial killers in the United States are homosexuals. These are:

(1) Donald Harvey (37 murders),
(2) John Wayne Gacy (33 murders),
(3) Patrick Wayne Kearney (32 murders),
(3b) Cho Seung-Hui (32 murders)
(4) Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen Brooks (27 murders),
(5) Juan Corona (25 murders).

Other leading homosexual serial killers are:

Bruce Davis (18 murders),
Stephen Kraft (16 murders)
William Bonin (14 murders)
Jeffrey Dahmer (at least 17 murders).


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