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Thursday, April 12, 2007



La Crosse County OKs domestic partner benefits

By REID MAGNEY /La Crosse Tribune

La Crosse County on Monday became the third local government to provide domestic partner benefits to some of its employees. On a 20-6 vote, with one abstention, the county board ratified two union contracts that extend medical and dental insurance and other benefits to unmarried partners of the opposite or same gender.

TG: LaCrosse, one of the few areas in Wisconsin that supported queer "marriage" in the last election, has now decided to offer financial benefits to UNMARRIED partners (AKA fornicators), including unmarried HOMOSEXUAL partners. This will result in a paperwork nightmare in light of the fact that queers switch partners about every week, but that's not the worst of it ...

“This is not a political statement,” said Board Chairman Steve Doyle, noting the move will save taxpayers money because the unions settled for less in raises to get the benefits. Most counties in the state have been settling contracts with 3 percent raises, but La Crosse was able to settle for 2 percent, Doyle said.

TG: Do you see that? ALL of these LaCrosse employees could have gotten a 50% LARGER raise (2% up to 3%), but they ALL had to forego 50% of their raise to pay for a HUGE benefit increase for the fornicators and sodomites.

I wonder if the straight, married people in LaCrosse who voted to favor the fairies realized it would cost them 50% of their next raise? I wonder if they'd vote the same way again, knowing that? In any case, they got what they asked for.


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