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Sunday, September 09, 2007



Abuse of sanity:

The truth about how a council allowed a paedophile gay couple to adopt

8th September 2007

So politically correct has adoption become, a council allowed these gay paedophiles to foster young boys ­ even, as one mother reveals here, turning a blind eye when presented with evidence of their horrifying abuse By virtue of their sexuality, the report suggested, the men were "trophy carers" who were not subject to the same rigorous assessment as others.

TG: See that? BECAUSE they are immoral, perverted buggers, they got SPECIAL PRIVILEDGES to adopt that normal, straight people don't get.

Eighteen months later, in June last year, both Faunch and Wathey were jailed for a total of 11 years after being convicted of a dozen offences relating to four of the boys in their care. The pair had looked after 18 children in only 15 months after being approved by the council, but under the guise of caring men offering a helping hand to disadvantaged youngsters, had sexually abused vulnerable children for their own gratification. Neither man, Leeds Crown Court was told last year, had shown any empathy or remorse. Both are now serving prison sentences for their despicable crimes.

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