The chronicles of the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

LaCrosse, We're Not Sleeping


As you can see from the human formation of the footprint of the American chicken, La Crosse, Wisconsin is infested with liberalism.

La Crosse is the only place outside of Madtown that supported queer marriage. They are in bad need of an education. The Wisconsin Marriage Defenders decided to give them one, as we blanketed the town with hundreds of tracts giving the truth about sodomy as well as the saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The homosexuals are persistent, so we must be also. We want to make sure that if they ever swarm again, it will be from a weaker position than last time.

We covered four different sections of town. No doubt many of them will flood the phone number on the tracts with obscene and profane calls of hatred, intolerance, and perversion.


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