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Tuesday, February 12, 2008



by Al Doyle

Pro-sodomy spokesmen have two big advantages in public debates with those on the other side of the issue. Their willingness to lie early and often means they can circumvent an honest discussion, but there's another factor that works in favor of the homo lobby.

Bible-believing Christians and other folks with a sense of decency and modesty are reluctant or unwilling to publicly discuss what happens in bathhouses and other homo havens. Since this prevents the average person from learning about the depravity of the sodomite deathstyle, the promoters of perversion get far less scrutiny than they deserve.

Wisconsin Marriage Defenders is not "politically correct" or mealy mouthed. We tell the simple truth and let the facts stand for themselves. If someone claims to be offended, then they have a problem with reality. We won't lie, weasel around or rationalize.

It's time to let the general public know what really takes place with two popular sodomite practices. There will be no cursing or vulgar language used. Even with that clinical approach to the issue, some readers may feel uncomfortable. That's a normal and natural reaction to the utter depravity of homosexuality.

What are "golden showers"? It is homosexuals urinating on their naked "partners" for sexual arousal and pleasure. Keep in mind that this vile stuff is popular among those who claim these kind of actions are based on "loving" relationships. Can you feel the love here?

That's disgusting enough, but "fisting" take sodomite perversion to a entirely new level. So what's involved?

Touch the tips of your fingers and thumb on one hand altogether to make a pointy "fist". Now ram it up your homo partner's rear end. Keep going. Ram it some more. Get your wrist and part of your arm into the anus if possible. Let your hand and arm wallow in the other pervert's fecal matter. March in a so-called "Gay Pride" parade after recovering from this experience and tell the media that you're every bit as normal as straights.

These practices are just a small window into the twisted world of homo life. That's enough for now, as any more discussion of sodomy would be enough to make a sewer rat puke.

TG: Even the more "normal" actions of sodomites are revulsive. The most common activities are anal sex and oral sex. In anal sex, the active sodomite inserts his penis into the anus of his passive partner. In oral sex, the anus is substituted for by the mouth of the passive pervert. Often both activities are engaged in during the same session, so a penis that has been in a man's anus is also taken into his mouth. Isn't that appetizing?


  • At 2:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh shock!

    Anal and oral sex? Wow. I don't suppose straight couples participate in such filthy habits.

    The fact that you have a straight, vanilla sex life doesn't mean that what you consider "perversion" is going on around you 24/7, 365 days a year, and not jut by gay couples. Consider that if homosexuality made up around 10% of the population, what do you think the other 90%, straight couples, are doing? If you think they're all having vanilla sex, you're fooling yourself.

    You're obviously not afraid of homosexuality so much as the practices that can surround it but what you fail to realise is that for everything a homosexual does that you consider wrong or perverted, there are ten times as many straight people doing it, or something else, too.

  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger T.G. said…

    First of all, homosexuals are only 2%-3%. But even if they we're 10%, they are still responsible for about 75% of AIDS and STDs. That tells you they do a LOT more of the "chocolate" sex (as opposed to your term of "vanilla").

    The thing is, homosexuals have no choice but to partake in anal and oral sex. The biggest problem is overindulgence in anal sex and combining the two. That means homosexuals, as a matter of course, routinely EAT the stuff children are taught to flush down the toilet.

    Few straight couples eat $#!&, even by accident. Queers eat $#!& regularly, on purpose.


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