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Wednesday, November 05, 2008



Four States had sodomite right bills on the ballot this election. California, Florida, and Arizona had amendments to ban homosexual marriage (which is an oxymoron like "female bull"). Arkansas had a bill to prevent unmarried couples (including homosexuals) from adopting.

ALL FOUR proposals passed in favor of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

These were much more important votes than determining whether the white globalist socialist or the Arab-black globalist socialist would get to live in the White House.

For those particular States to rule against the sodomites is a devastating blow to them.

California, home of homo-haven San Francisco, becomes the first state to reverse "legalized" homo-marriage (technically ruled so by a court decision, not a law per se). The other States passed one-man/one-woman marriage amendments to ward off future challenges to marriage by the homosexuals.

Florida required a 60% super-majority to pass, and they got 62%. Florida includes Dade County (home of Janet Reno), which is the most homosexual county in America, per capita.

Arizona had been the only state where the voters (as opposed to simply a judge like in CA) had actually voted in favor of a queer-marriage bill when pro-homo marriage advocates played the fear card with senior citizens a few years ago.

Arkansas, of course, is the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton. If the lavendar lobby were to pick the four places they would have the best chance to succeed, it would probably be these four states.

So now we have 30 states that have passed nomo-homo marriage amendments and 0 that have ultimately failed when attempted.

Much gratitude is owed to the hard-working folks in those States for stemming the lavendar lobby in the places the queers had the greatest advantage. Also gratitude is owed to WI State Sen. Mark Gundrum, whose bill has been used repeatedly and successfully as a model in several other States.


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