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Monday, May 05, 2008




Lesbian activists at Smith College riot, shut down Ryan Sorba speech on “The Born Gay Hoax” as police watch. See exclusive videos.

“We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!”

Smith College, Northampton, MA - April 29, 2008

Dozens of lesbian activists at Smith College climbed in through windows and stormed the podium in a riot scene shortly after Ryan Sorba began a speech on his upcoming book, The Born Gay Hoax. The melee forced an end to the speech before a packed hall in the library on the Northampton campus. Uniformed police officers and a plainclothes security guard were in the room but mostly just stood and watched. Rather than take action against the rioters, the officers and a university official walked to the podium and ordered Sorba to leave the room “for his own safety.”

There were no arrests and no charges of disorderly conduct. This would seem to be a clear violation of the Massachusetts’ Civil Rights statutes.


'Gays' shut down discussion of faith

Psychiatrists pull symposium on 'The Religious Dimension'

By Bob Unruh© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A discussion on religion, homosexuality and therapy that had been scheduled during the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting in Washington has been shut down following an attack by a "gay" publication on some of the people planning to participate.

TG: Homosexuals are so intent on telling lies that they can't stomach an opportunity where both sides might be heard. These "peaceful, loving, tolerant" perverts would RIOT to prevent the truth from being heard.


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