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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Harry Potter Pushing Perverted Marriage



Harry Potter pushing same-sex marriage

Dumbledore's 'social change' agenda teaches foreign policy 'friendship'

July 03, By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily

Got questions about life, death, politics or religion? How about one on the topic of "gay" marriage? It's time for WWDD. That's not a typo on the familiar WWJD -- "What Would Jesus Do?" -- a theme among Christians. It stands for "What Would Dumbledore Do?" a new move to answer such questions and spark "social change" through the " teachings" available in the Harry Potter witchcraft books and movies. The campaign has begun specifically promoting "gay" marriage. ...

"Why did Rowling surreptitiously plant a creepy subtext in the most popular children's book of all time? She didn't. By most accounts, there is nothing in any of the books to suggest that Dumbledore is gay. It's easy enough for Rowling to retroactively adopt politically correct attitudes about homosexuality – she never had to face the public scrutiny that surely would have ensued had she made Dumbledore openly gay. Instead, she raked in over $1 billion by appealing to kids and their parents, then conveniently announced Dumbledore's orientation before a swooning fan base in New York," he wrote.


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