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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Same-sex partners gain rights in Wisconsin


Never mind two votes from both State Houses and the 60% vote of the citizens. Never mind the amendment now in the State Constitution, or even a court dismissing a challenge, Gov. Doyle, and those who voted for the budget (unfortunately many of the same ones who voted for the marriage amendment) ignore all that and coddle the queers:

Same-sex partners gain rights in Wisconsin

Legal fight grows as protections begin Aug. 1

GREEN BAY � The 2010-2012 state budget signed last week by Gov. Jim Doyle includes a provision that allows same-sex partners to form a legal domestic partnership. The measure takes effect Aug. 1 and includes 43 of the more than 200 rights and benefits extended to married couples, including family and medical leave to care for a seriously ill partner, and the power to visit and make-end-of-life decisions for partners who allow it.

Same-sex domestic partners must live in the same residence for at least 30 days to qualify for the classification.

TG: So they have to shack up together before they can get married. When will that be applied to normal couples in the interest of "fairness and equality"?

Applications will be available at most county clerk offices throughout the state beginning Aug. 3, the first business day in which the provision will be in effect.

"The state Department of Vital Statistics is going to hold an informational meeting to go over the ifs, ands and buts," Marcelle said. "Perhaps this (issue) should have gone to the voters. The county clerks didn't have any input."

TG: The issue DID go to the voters. They voted against it. The State Assembly voted against it (twice). The State Senate voted against it (twice). Even a court ruled against a challenge of it.


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