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Monday, August 13, 2012



Want to do something that will make a sodomite or one of their allies shriek like a wounded werewolf?  Eat some fast food.

  We're not talking about just any old restaurant. According to the militants in the homo lobby, anyone who dines at Chick-Fil-A should be charged with a hate crime.  If the crazies are looking for offenders, I'm guilty as charged.

  Since I'm a Wisconsin resident, opportunities to enjoy CFA are few and far between.  That's because the only Chick-Fil-A in the state is in Racine, which is more than 100 miles from home.  The distance prevented many willing Bible believers from joining in the hugely successful Support Chick-Fil-A Day on August 1.  My few visits have been during out of state trips, and I was blessed with the opportunity to support this unashamedly Christian company last Saturday.

  A trip to northern Illinois wound through Crystal Lake, which is home to a sparkling new Chick-Fil-A that opened on August 9.  How could I not stop in?  There must be a lot of intolerant bigots out there, as the large parking lot was jammed to capacity, and both drive-through lines were filled with people who wanted to make a statement in addition to eating lunch..   

  Customers were handed a menu by a manager as they entered.  When I told the manager how I appreciated the Cathy family's (founders and owners of CFA) stance against homosexuality and for the Bible, she smiled and thanked me.  Chick-Fil-A didn't grow to 1600-plus stores and $4 billion in annual revenues by serving slop, and my chicken sandwich and lemonade (made with fresh-squeezed lemons and sugar instead of chemicals and food coloring) were much fresher and tastier than typical fast-food meals.

  I'll have the opportunity to enjoy Chick-Fil-A again in the near future, as I'll be going out of state next month.  Want a win-win situation?  Christians and other morally minded people can support a corporation that serves a high quality product and stands for decency when they do business at Chick-Fil-A, but don't go on Sunday.  That's because the company closes on the first day of the week.  It's an ironclad policy designed to allow employees who want to attend church or spend time with their families to do so.  Where else can you eat chicken and annoy an effeminate hairdresser at the same time?

Al D.

BTW, for those who don't understand the use of quotation marks, we are not truly advocating "hate". In fact, we want people to know the truth about homosexuality and the disasters it brings on individuals and societies. Those who want homosexuals to be comfortable in their sin (which results in disease, death, and hell) don't love them at all.

However, the homosexuals are serious in their hatred of straights, Christians, and morality as can be seen here: http://christiannews.net/unapologetic-homosexual-vandal-arrested-for-chick-fil-a-tastes-like-hate-graffiti/



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