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Sunday, June 02, 2013


A WMD member was walking by Michaels' hair salon at 11 a.m. today (June 1). To his surprise, the building was dark, and there were no cars parked on the street near the building or in the spaces in back of the salon.

It's very unusual for a hairstylist to be closed on Saturday, as it's one of the more lucrative times for such a business. Perhaps Michaels' was closed due to an emergency or personal reasons, as such events aren't uncommon. Going on vacation is another possibility, but there were no signs to that effect on the door. 

We know that two or three stylists work out of this shop (or did in the past), so it's not a sole proprietorship. If one person had to leave work, there's no reason for the others to be away. This raises the obvious question: Is Michaels' still in business? We await an answer from "Anonymous".


  • At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Al said…

    No answers after 12 days? No problem, as there are more questions.

    The sign that offered 260 square feet for rent now has no reference to the amount of available space. Does that mean the entire salon is for rent, and what does that say about the future of Michaels'?

    A new sign over the doorbell tells visitors to ring the bell if the door is locked during normal business hours. This is unusual. What's the reason for locking down the building? Why hinder customers from freely entering and leaving?

    A city building permit allowing for the addition of a wall sign is now displayed in the window. Maybe Anonymous can report on these developments.

  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger T.G. said…

    Michael Kahl has come out of the closet for a second time. He called and left a message on my answering machine admitting he was indeed "Anonymous". This is after DENYING it on this blog. That means Michael Kahl is a LIAR, and it could be proven in a court of law.

    He also accused me of not publishing his comments. The only unpublished comments were sent in by two people with female names. Not Michael, not even Anonymous. So Kahl is now a DOUBLE LIAR.

    PS: I will publish those other submissions when I have time to respond to them. But now that Kahl has outed himself as someone who can lie like a politician, we'll have to take his comments with a whole shaker of salt.

  • At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Al said…

    Maybe the female names were Kahl's alter egos. You know how sodomites often indulge in crossdressing and transvestite behavior.

  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger T.G. said…

    Well, he called me a "coward" and a "bully" (which are pretty much mutually exclusive opposites) when he invited me to his salon, so he does have a little trouble in that area of reality.

  • At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Al said…

    You must be honored to receive a personal invitation to the queerest hair salon in Oshkosh.


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