The chronicles of the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Monday, December 26, 2005



Here is Pastor Ovadal's account of our recent literature distribution.


Oshkosh by Invitation

On Saturday, December 17, PCC brought literature, signs, and workers to Oshkosh to join local Christians in lit dropping that city with Homosexuality: The Truth and our marriage flyer. In spite of cold weather and plenty of snow, we lit dropped about 6,500 homes! Oshkosh is a stronghold for the sodomite political group Action Wisconsin and is home to a very pro-sodomite newspaper. A local group of Christians, Wisconsin Marriage Defenders, has been courageously taking on the sodomites, with the local media siding strongly with New Sodom. We were happy to be in Oshkosh in answer to the request of WMD and join with them in bypassing the media and reaching a multitude of Oshkosh residents with the truth about homosexuality, the proposed marriage amendment, and a strong gospel message as well. After our lit drop, we also set up, at two different busy intersections, signs and banners bearing the biblical truth about homosexuality. The first few days after our outing in Oshkosh, PCC received an avalanche of obscene, threatening, blasphemous phone calls from that city, confirming that the truth we shared was badly needed. Please pray for the Christians in Oshkosh who are taking their stand under a banner of biblical truth.


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    I've done my part.

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    Silly Rabbit! LOL

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