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Friday, December 23, 2005


Jared Longsine, Dick Ives, and Al Doyle have had recent letters in our local pile of liberal propaganda:



and the sodomites have slithered out to reply.






Here's my letter, which they have so far refused to print:

Dear Editor,

Homosexual advocate Michael Kaul suggested that we look at the problem of homosexual marriage "rationally".

Despite the fact that the term “homosexual marriage” is an oxymoron that rivals “civil war”, “united nations”, or “government intelligence”, I took up Michael's offer. I looked up the "Gay Rights Platform", which was sponsored by over 85 homosexual groups and read into the Congressional Record. It's the nearest thing to an official position of the homosexual community.

I was shocked to see that the mainstream homosexual community has no intention of just settling for the right to force society to recognize their relationships as marriages. Their Platform has planks calling for the legalization of such abominations as prostitution, incest, and even pedophilia (adult-child sex)!

I then challenged outspoken homosexual State Senator Tim Carpenter (Milwaukee) four times to repudiate those things, and he has smugly refused. Thus far, Kaul has also refused to speak publicly against these vile practices. I'm not aware that local liberal advocate Tony Palmeri has decried them either. They shriek in disdain that we dare to point these things out - but they absolutely refuse to actually denounce incest, pedophilia, or even bestiality.

Anyone who cannot openly and publicly repudiate sex between a father and a daughter, or a man and a boy, or a woman and a dog, has no business telling anybody else to behave "rationally".

If we allow homosexual marriage, we already know what will be coming next. We need to stop their assault on morality now.


  • At 4:36 PM, Anonymous zippy boi said…

    I've done my part.

    You're going to have to reread your blog comments back to the time Al Gore invented the Internet.

    What a dope, trying to kill the homo within! Just can't be done guy, no matter how many leaflets you pass out or comments you delete.

    Silly Rabbit! LOL

  • At 10:02 PM, Anonymous remember me tg? said…

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