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Friday, January 13, 2006



Before anyone gets offended, QUEER is a totally appropriate word to use for Mike Kaul, the leader of the Oshkosh sodomite group "QUEERS on the WATER". If he calls himself queer, I can sure use his own term.

In one of the greatest hissy fits in history, Macho Mike Kaul publicly declared that he and other sodomites are absolutely opposed to pedophilia and bestiality. It must have pained him to publicly proclaim that lie in the Northworstern. A lie because many of his comrades don't share his "morality" when it comes to incest, pedophilia, and bestiality. Proven a lie in the very letter he is responding to, which cited the "Gay Rights Platform", supported by 85 homosexual advocacy groups and proved that THEY wanted prostitution, incest, and pedophilia. Mike has no right speaking for any queer except himself.

It's beyond the need for documentation that the majority of pedophilia is men-on-boys. They even have an organization called "North American Man-Boy Love Ass'n". 100% of the man-boy pedophiles are homosexual.

It's four homosexual activists in Massachusetts who are sponsoring legislation to decriminalize bestiality. Is that just an incredible coincidence?

But the Executive Editor of the Northworstern, Stew Reickman, rescues the sodomites AGAIN, giving Macho Mike the last word and protecting him from rebuttal:

"Editor's note: This will be the last letter on the gay marriage/civil union referendum for this go around."

In this "go around" we saw at least five pro-homo replies to every letter critical of homosexual "marriage". Dick Ives letter alone received at least 11 responses.

Oshkosh may be more of a homo-haven than we thought, but it still doesn't have FIVE times more queers than straights - but you would think it does judging by the letters in the Northworstern.

My whole idea was to set it up so some queer would finally do what Kaul just did. I offered the same challenge to homosexual State Senator Tim Carpenter, and he refused to take it up in person, or by email.

My next move was intended to expose the hypocritical homos for claiming they support the right of "consenting adults" who "love each other" to marry. No they don't. They parrot the line and apply it to their perversion, but Kaul just admitted he doesn't support incest. He is an intolerant bigot, as well as a hypocrite. He supports the legalization of HIS vice, but he is intolerant of the vices he allegedly doesn't practice.

If a brother and sister, or a brother and brother, or a father and daughter LOVE each other, why can't they get married? If Kaul wants the right to marry another man, why is he not allowing two men to marry who just happen to be brothers? (Or two women who are sisters). He doesn't want them to have the SAME rights that he wants for himself! He is a selfish purveyor of intolerance and hate. Kaul is an incestophobe and a beastophobe who is filled with hate for those who have those sexual orientations. "Liberty and justice for ALL", Mike.

BTW, Kaul has met me and spoken to me at one of the Oshkosh rallies, though he wouldn't have known my name from that. But he also was at our rally that I moderated, so he should have known my name from that.

Here's his letter:


Gay man accepts challenge to repudiate 'vile practices'

I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight for Teno Groppi so there are no lingering questions for him and others with similar beliefs. ("Gay advocates should denounce immoral acts," Jan. 8) First and foremost, I have never met Groppi and have never been asked to speak publicly about what he describes as "vile practices." I'm not quite sure if this was an invitation to speak, if so, it was poorly delivered. So let me just reiterate for the public record, I, (or any other homosexual that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing), in any way, shape or form would ever condone incest, pedophilia or bestiality. Most homosexuals, as with most heterosexuals, do not practice any of these behaviors, which are considered abnormal by most morals and standards. I also "repudiate" sex between a father and daughter, a man and a boy, a woman and a dog and any other perverted examples Groppi would like to dream up. Homosexual marriage will not lead to an increase in any of these behaviors in our society because they are already a part of this society. The statistical numbers will not change. As a suggestion maybe Groppi should focus on eliminating these "vile practices" in the heterosexual community before he attacks others. I'll do the same in the homosexual community and when we have our respective communities cleaned up, then we can "rationally" discuss gay marriage.

Michael Kahl Oshkosh

Editor's note: This will be the last letter on the gay marriage/civil union referendum for this go around.


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