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Wednesday, January 04, 2006



It shocked me to see this website advertising to protect pedophiles in Wisconsin. Although anyone accused of a crime has the right to defend themselves, it's disconcerting to see more concern being given to the pedophile perpetrator than the victim!



Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with Pedophilia in Wisconsin? Have your rights in Wisconsin been violated? Have you been falsely accused? We can help.

Contact Us immediately for a FREE case evaluation and answers to your questions Find out if you have a case in Wisconsin and what to do if you do.

Wisconsin Pedophilia: The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children. Pedophilia is a crime that may carry a lasting social stigma and serious legal consequences. In some states, because of overwhelming pressure from the public, many prosecutors will stop at nothing to gain a conviction in these cases. And the potential punishment for a conviction can be quite severe. In part because of Megan's Law, a Wisconsin Molestation conviction could mean that you must register as a sex offender everywhere you go for the rest of your life.

Wisconsin Penal Code

Did You Know?

90% of the rapes and sex crimes of children less than 12 years old knew the offender, according to police-recorded incident data.

Convicted rape and sexual assault offenders report that 2/3rd of their victims were under the age of 18.

State felony court convictions, the FBI's UCR arrests and National Crime Victimization Surveys all point to sex offenders being older than other violent offenders, generally in the early 30's.


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    they're everywhere and always watching! always watching....


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