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Monday, September 04, 2006



Detroit Tiger single season and career saves record holder Todd Jones is an honorary inductee into Wisconsin Marriage Defenders.

Todd, who is on pace this season to break his own record for the 1st place Tigers, gets the nod for not being intimidated by the liberal sodomite lobby.

He made some reasonable comments about not wanting a sodomite in the same shower room, and was assailed by the biased, 'pc' media. But, unlike some others who made similar comments, and subsequently apologized for breathing, Jones refused to back off from his comments.

Here is some of the media coverage of the incident



Todd Jones contributed to putting the issue in the national spotlight again when he was quoted in a Denver Post story about the Broadway play Take Me Out, in which a big-league player announces that he's gay.

"I wouldn't want a gay guy being around me," Jones said. "It's got nothing to do with me being scared. That's the problem: All these people say he's got all these rights. Yeah, he's got rights or whatever, but he shouldn't walk around proud. It's like he's rubbing it in our face. 'See me, hear me roar.' We're not trying to be close-minded, but then again, why be confrontational when you don't really have to be?"

He went on to say that "Because if (the team) thinks for one minute he's disrupting the clubhouse -- if he doesn't hit 50 homers or win 20 games -- they're not going to put up with that."


Rockies' Jones apologizes for remarks

April 30, 2003

DENVER -- Colorado Rockies pitcher Todd Jones apologized to the organization and his teammates Wednesday for his recent anti-gay remarks, but he didn't back off what he said.

"I think my only mistake was that I made my views public," said Jones, who was teary-eyed at times during his brief statement. "And for that, I apologize to the Rockies and I apologize to my teammates for putting them through this."

In an entertainment story in The Denver Post on Sunday, Jones said he would not want to have a gay teammate and that gays should not go around flaunting their sexuality.


  • At 7:06 PM, Anonymous zippy boi said…

    I've done my part.

    You're going to have to reread your blog comments back to the time Al Gore invented the Internet.

    What a dope, trying to kill the homo within! Just can't be done guy, no matter how many leaflets you pass out or comments you delete.

    Silly Rabbit! LOL


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