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Thursday, July 20, 2006



The polls in Wisconsin have been favoring preserving traditional marriage by a 60% - 40% margin (counting undecideds it would be about 55% - 35% - 10%).

A recent lone poll noted in the previous article claims the numbers are about even. Detractors insist this poll is representative of Wisconsin, but I contend it's representative of Madison, the homosexual hotbed of Wisconsin. Yes, the poll says it's of *Wisconsin* residents - but Madison residents ARE Wisconsin residents.

You ask, do I suspect the pollsters and reporters are being dishonest? My answer - YES. We see their bias here below.

Another poll came out this week. It used almost identical criteria to the previous poll. You can find it at http://www.uwsc.wisc.edu/BP22PressRelease_Death_Samesex.pdf

This poll comes in at 53% - 44%. Traditional marriage again enjoys a substantial, almost double-digit, margin.

I wonder why this poll wasn't blazed across the top of a page in the Oshkosh Northwestern to show a trend like the previous one? Instead it was a one-column article running down the side of a page.

Not only that, the headline reads:

State mixed on ban

Half support ban on gay marriage

You could say a 99% to 1% poll was "mixed", but the term implies an even mix. Saying HALF support ban implies the poll is 50/50, when the truth is the traditional marriage side has a significant edge.

Just wording it as a "ban" on "gay marriage" (as the Northwestern always does), shows bias. The bill is to preserve marriage between one man and one woman, but that sounds positive, while 'ban' gives that side a negative connotation. Also, they consistently use 'gay', rather than homosexual, sodomite, or queer, for the same reasons.

Stew Rieckman says he enjoys this blog. I'd enjoy it much more if he would stop showing such a blatant bias in favor of the sodomite lobby. I'd love to report that editor Rieckman is printing both sides of the issue fairly, but that would be dishonest on my part.


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