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Monday, March 19, 2007



http://www.crimelibrary.com/news/original/0406/0501_dungeon_castration.html http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/03/16/ap/strange/main2579408.shtml

Sodomites Sentenced for Severing Six Sick Sex Slaves

Here is what happens when perversion is allowed to fester.

Two queers and their "slave" were recently convicted for their involvement in castrations of six men solicited via the internet to be their "sex slaves".

The judge commented:

"I think this is a type of perversion that cannot be tolerated by society," Winner said during a sentencing hearing Thursday.

Why how judgmental! He called their actions "perversion"!

Of course the lavendar lobby will insist only the castrations were acts of perversion, not the acts of homosexual activity. That excuse doesn't hold water. It was a bunch of men getting together as "sex slaves" to perform perverted acts with their sex organs. Perversion begets perversion.

These were not your typical homosexuals who average two different partners a week (over 100 different men every year). These were the kind of homosexuals the lavendar lobby usually parades in public because they had a long-term (20+ year) relationship. These were among the more conservative and moral homosexuals. One can only wonder what kinds of things the real reprobate ones are up to.

This is the kind of perverted behavior homosexual sodomy begets. Last year some cases were reported of homosexuals entering suicidal cannibal pacts with fellow perverts where they agreed to have their sordid acts culminated by being KILLED and EATEN by their "lovers" (oh what love!). This was uncovered when one of the queers got cold feet and reneged on his death pact and went to the police.

People who are going away from God will go further and further, just as we see in these examples.


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