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Friday, March 09, 2007




by Al Doyle

Don't expect the local homosexual activist to publicly describe what goes on this alleged "alternate lifestyle". Likewise, opponents of the sodomite propaganda movement may not have much to say - but for entirely different reasons.

For starters, the mainstream media is blatantly biased to the point of clumsiness in favor of the shrill, pro-homo minority. (TG: The Oshkosh Northwestern leads the way as a pro-homo mouthpiece.) There's nothing subtle about their agenda, which includes Soviet-style censorship of the other side (TG: The Northworstern banned me from their online forums without reason, and won't print my letters to the editor.). Opponents of perversion are also limited by Federal Communications Commission obscenity rules (on radio and TV) plus various print media guidelines for what is considered allowable.

To describe popular homosexual practices in even the most general or bland terms often isn't permissible. Part of that is because of media bias, but there is also some concern for what could be heard or read by children. (The Northworstern refused to print a description of homosexual practices. That fact alone demonstrates how vile and perverted those acts are - but the Northworstern supported them anyway.)

Newspapers and other cheerleaders for homosexuality often exploit this sincere desire to protect the young by banning even the smallest exposure of the sodomite culture. They hypocritically invoke the "It's for the children" mantra while fervently promoting the idea of brainwashing grade schoolers that "gay is O.K."

Naturally, that's quite a handicap for those who seek to get the truth out. Allow me to make an attempt to break the blockade by describing two popular homosexual practices.

The utter depravity of sodomy makes the task difficult. I'll keep it completely free of obscenity and as simple and mild as possible.

The slang term "golden showers" means nothing to the average person, but it's a big deal in the narcisstic world of homosexuality. Those who engage in this vile activity either urinate on their countless "partners" or are on the receiving end of such treatment. (TG: I can't imagine what kind of physical pleasure, even perverted, can be derived from this unsanitary practice.)

Then there's "fisting". As might be expected, a clenched fist is involved here. The fist is shoved as far as possible up the anal cavity of a fellow homosexual. Doesn't that sound like it fits the "loving" label that sodomites constantly bestow on themselves? Fisting has resulted in serious and permanent physical damage for countless persons, but that hasn't kept homos from engaging in such practices.

Many other perverted activities (including sadomasochism and pedophilia) can easily be found in homosexual circles. It would take several books to fully cover the topic, and who wants to be so immersed in such filth? Just remember that the 21st century descendants of ancient Sodom would gladly do such things to your sons if they have the opportunity.


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