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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here Come the BRIDES?

One man one WHAT?

Here's the next attempt to circumvent one-man, one-woman marriage, as we have mandated by law in Wisconsin. They are going to redefine what a man or woman is. Then someone can claim they are really a (fill in the blank) on the inside.

This person was born male, later started living as a female, and now wants to get married as a male. I guess we gotta root for him to get married as a man, the way he was born. Actually, the one-man, one-woman law should not be being challenged by this situation. It shouldn't prevent him from marrying as a man, it should prevent him from marrying as a woman. It's the converse situation, where someone wants to marry as the opposite sex they were born, that would violate our marriage law.

This case is particularly dangerous because our side stands to lose either way, because either way they could be giving man or woman a new definition, or could open the door to doing do in the future.


Is there a groom in the room?

Transgendered past calls wedding's legality into question

By DERRICK NUNNALLY March 21, 2007

If Barbara Lynn Terry wants to get married Friday morning, she'll have to swear to a judge she's a man. And so will her doctor. Otherwise, Wisconsin's same-sex marriage prohibition will keep Terry - who was born a man, lived as a woman for decades and has undergone treatment for sexual-reassignment surgery - from marrying Nicole Winstanley, despite the marriage license application the couple completed March 5.


New York Law School professor Arthur S. Leonard, an expert in sexual-orientation law, said it would take "an unusual decision" to prohibit the Terry-Winstanley marriage. In the handful of other states where the issue has been litigated, courts have taken the side that one's birth gender is the legal gender for the purpose of marriage, Leonard said.


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