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Thursday, January 04, 2007



The sodomites and their supporters are always crowing about love and tolerance and accusing us of lacking those qualities. Besides the fact that telling the TRUTH is a requirement of showing love, we see that the pro-homos are very deficient in those qualities themselves.

Here is a samping of a handful of recent notes from the pro-sodom side to Pastor Ralph Ovadal. We've only gotten several dozen such comments on this blog. Bro. Ovadal has received several hundred (maybe thousands) of these kind of comments. What the sodomites lack in love and tolerance they make up for in hate, vileness, spite, bigotry, violence, and hypocrisy.

Origin Unknown: You ------- homophobic -------- mother-------! You EVER come to my house again with this -------- "information" i'll beat the living ---- outa you. You ------- -------- are the reason GOD IS DEAD~ he cant stand --------- like you. Really hope you find the courage to come out of your own closet you ------- freak. Now go ---- yourself, then do us all a favor and put the shotgun in your mouth and pull the ------- trigger. Faggot ... COWARD!!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!!! Kill yourself!!

Marshall, WI: You stupid inconsiderate poor excuse of a human being.

Origin unknown: Better start praying for forgiveness because you have sinned! Its so easy to pray silently or in a house of god and ask for forgiveness . . .

Madison, WI: You people disgust me and I loath the religion you pimp!

Toronto, Canada: You are spreading hatred, disguised as a religion. I really pity you. May Our Lady guide you.

Origin unknown: The pamphlet that I received on my doorstep is the most demented peice of garbage I have ever read in my life How did you people get to be so unfeeling and cloded minded. I feel sorry for you. The bible can be interpreted in many different ways. The God that I believe in would never condem people the way you have. [NOTE: I think the writer meant, "closed minded" not "cloded minded" but then again, one never knows.]

Amarillo, TX: I received one of your anti homosexuality pamphlets on my doorstep today and would just like you all to know that there wouldn't be so much hatred in the world if you religious freaks would keep to yourselves. Religion should be banned, not homosexuality.

TG: How come the homos want us to keep to ourselves but they refuse to keep to themselves? They insist on having their perversion crammed down out throats. They want it legalized and recognized.

Citizens of Sodom, sorry (well, really I'm not sorry) but we were here first. America was founded by those who wanted to perpetuate a godly, biblical society. There is an amendment guaranteeing religious liberty. There is not one guaranteeing perverted sexual behavior.

Origin unknown: I feel sorry for you and your hateful thoughts ---- calling Catholics non-Christian--are you kidding me ... forget everything else you say -- I feel sorry for you.

Marshall, WI: Good luck in your afterlife, I have a feeling you will be woefully surprised at what your real God will have to say to you about your bigoted shortcomings in this life.

Origin unknown: you fools think you know everything, but you know nothing. ... you people are what's wrong with the world and the disturbing thing is that you think you are helping ... i pity you, you self righteous radicals.

Chicago, IL: If you truly believe that the Roman Catholic Church teaches spiritual error, then you clearly do not know what it teaches. The Catholic Church is the Church which Jesus Christ founded in Matt 16:18 and yet you dare attack it. Repent of your error.

Fond du Lac, WI: You're Neo-nazi views sicken me to my very core ... The fact is that you have no idea what it means to be Christian and you should all be ashamed of yourselves and stop with your Neo-nazi propaganda. With utter hatred,

TG: At least one honest one admits to a motive of hate!

Iraq: The RCC is an ancient religion. It is not one formed by one who by chance set his eyes on a Bible and there formed a church like how it seems your church got formed. You have no history. In fact you are heavily borrowing on the ideas in the bible produced by Catholics, and so is your idea of the Holy Spirit. Wasn't that a Catholic idea too?

Waukesha, WI: Dear Rednecks, Personally I believe Jesus Christ was a wonderful man who preached tolerance before the word existed. Your beliefs are not in line with Christs'. In fact they are a direct slame against everything wonderful he did during his time on earth. Discrimination is not a Christian act, no matter how many uneducated rednecks you get to believe it.

TG: This guy forgot to give any examples of where Jesus preached tolerance. I can give some examples of things like Jesus making a whip, turning over tables, and physically removing the moneychangers from the temple. Or God raining fire from heaven to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Or Jesus coming back in vengeance to destroy His enemies. The Lord is not very tolerant of sin.

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Subject: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ... your pastor teaches you to do the will of your father by hate ... how far does your pastor go to teach you to hate what Jesus instituted and taught? I see you follow the writings of others who also taught to hate what Jesus instituted. Very good to hear. So, how does it feel to do the will of your father instead of God?

Germantown, WI: Obviously you are Christian terrorists, no different than the Muslim terrorists who chose to alienate those who are different from you. ... Stop crucifing people whose lifestyle happens to be different than yours. This is God's plan.

TG: Bro. Ovdal has never crucified anybody. He has never terrorized anybody. He preaches and passes out little tracts of paper. If that terrorizes the sodomites, they're bigger sissies than I ever thought.

Sacramento, CA: Your bitter and hateful site saddens me greatly. I pray that you come to know the love of Jesus.

Beloit, WI: I cannot believe the c--p you spew in your leaflets. You will burn in the 7th circle of hell for the blatent discrimination you spew.

TG: The 7th circle of hell?

What would be the reaction if Bro. Ovadal spoke to the sodomite crowd the way they have spoken to him here?


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