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Monday, October 23, 2006




Luis Padilla, who worked in the human resources office at Cargill, wrote on his vehicle's rear window, "Please, vote for marriage on Nov. 7."

TG: That is so innocuous I can't believe anybody would object, not to mention Padilla's free speech rights.

Padilla was dismissed for insubordination, because he did not remove the message, which company officials say could be considered harassment.

TG: But that's not true. Padilla went to extremes he should not have had to trying to appease Cargill.

He complied when a supervisor told him to remove the message. The next day, Padilla put the message back on his truck and parked outside the company gate. But later he was told the company owns the land where he parked.

Padilla received permission to cover the message with cardboard and appealed his case to a superior official.

TG: What more should he have to do? He went far above and beyond the call of duty.

This is another example of the hateful intolerance of the pro-sodomite crowd. Cargill is among the companies given a perfect score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign's 2006 Corporate Equality Index, with policies beneficial toward homosexuals.


  • At 7:01 PM, Anonymous zippy boi said…

    I've done my part.

    You're going to have to reread your blog comments back to the time Al Gore invented the Internet.

    What a dope, trying to kill the homo within! Just can't be done guy, no matter how many leaflets you pass out or comments you delete.

    Silly Rabbit! LOL

  • At 10:10 PM, Anonymous flipper. remember me tg? :=) said…

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