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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Honorary MAYOR of WMD



Mayor Jim Naugle is taking heat for being against queers having sex in public, for calling the queers homosexuals instead of gays, and for refusing to apologize for those things.

I don't know how this guy ever got elected mayor of a Florida city, but we could use him here in Oshkosh.

Several guys have made disparaging public comments about sodomites, but almost all of them apologized after being pressured by the media. The only exceptions I know of are the late Reggie White, Detroit Tiger closer Todd Jones, and now Mayor Jim Naugle.

How could anybody criticize Mayor Naugle for speaking against homosexual acts being performed in public? The fact that the queers are berating him for this shows just how vile and wicked they are and how they want to foist their perversion right in front of our eyes and force us to accept it.

What is wrong with calling the sodomites homosexuals? That is the clinically correct term. It's not a pejorative like the term "faggots".

The fact that he refused to drop to his knees and apolologize is probably the real reason the queers are showing such hate and intolerance toward him.


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