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Friday, July 17, 2009

ANSWERS to GB Press Gazette


I have tried several times to register to comment on the Green Bay Press Gazette article about the Pride Alive event that was protested by the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders. Every time I tried it shut down my browser. So I will comment here:

DIVORCE: No one is claiming that divorce is a good thing. What is the point of appealing to divorce of normally married people? Divorce certainly does oppose the sanctity of marriage. Some Christians have been divorced. They don't promote it as a good and healthy. They don't have "divorce pride" rallies and picnics.

LEGALITY: So sodomy is legal, does that make it right? Slavery was legal, did that make it right? It was legal in some places to persecute Jews unto death, did the legality make it right? BTW, sodomite marriage is ILLEGAL in Wisconsin, and most States.

ANIMALS: There may be some examples of animals exhibiting homosexual behavior. So? Some animals also eat their young. Others reproduce by rape - some reproduce exclusively by rape. Should we really emulate animals?

2,500: I was there from 11:15 til about 5:00. The people in the park numbered in the hundreds, not thousands. Many of them stayed much of the day and apparently were counted over and over to get the 2,500 figure. Additionally, not all in the park were there for the Pride Alive event. One example of that was given in a previous blog entry.

LOVE: A person can love anyone they want, of either gender. Love is not the same thing as committing unhealthy sexual acts with them. I love my brother, my father, and my step-sons. I don't want to participate in feculant behavior with them.

HATE: We are often accused of hate, but the truth is, we love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about their destructive death-style. It will send them to the grave and to hell. If we didn't love them, we wouldn't care if they died young and went to hell. They hate us for trying to warn them of the dire consequences of their actions.

PUBLIC: The main reason we protested the event was because it was public. If homosexuals didn't try to foist their perversion publicly, they would never hear from us. If kept private, they are protected by the Constitutional guarantee to be secure in their possessions and property. It only becomes an issue when they try to cram their death-style down our throats by making it a public issue or seeking public money and benefits.

JESUS: never said a word about homosexuality? Wrong. The sign I carried quoted Jesus speaking about couples being MALE and FEMALE and marriage being between a MAN and his WIFE. Additionally, Deuteronomy, Romans, and other places that rebuke homosexuality are still the word of God, even if they are not quoting Jesus.


  • At 1:55 AM, Blogger floridabrn said…

    you use the so called "word of god" for one purpose. Example, and I'm quoting you. "we do not hate. we love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about they're destructive death-style. It will send them to the grave and to hell." You use the "we love them" speech simply to make yourselves look like good people. You're problem isn't love or hate. You just don't accept them. And I pity anyone who can't accept everyone. The church is wrong to criticize ANYONE'S lifestyle anyway, what with their ministers or priests or whatever they're called saying sodomy is wrong while raping little boys on the side. Ooooooh, major burn.

  • At 8:04 PM, Blogger T.G. said…

    You "pity anyone who can't accept everyone."

    Then you go on to criticize the church and ministers. You don't accept them. You don't accept me.


    "The church is wrong to criticize ANYONE'S lifestyle." - but YOU criticize the homosexual priests.

    Double hypocrite.

    BTW, I am also very much against priests, or anybody, who molests children.


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