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Thursday, March 23, 2006



His name is Rieckman, and that is quite appropriate, because something reeks, man.

The executive editor of the Oshkosh Northwestern (AKA NorthWORSTern) has shown his liberal pro-queer bias once again.

WMD member Al Doyle submitted a letter to the editor on the topic of homosexuality and it was rejected for the most hypocritical of reasons imaginable.

Here is Al's letter:

The truth about homosexual behavior

Homosexual activists who call for same-sex marriage or so-called "civil unions" claim they are no different than monogamous heterosexual couples. Those who object to their agenda are often jeered and labeled as homophobes, morons or Bible thumpers.

So what do these militants and their allies say about their own behavior? S.G. Stolberg of the pro-homosexual New York Times wrote "what remains, even in the AIDS era, a central feature of gay urban life: sex clubs, bathhouses and weekend-long drug parties where men may have intercourse with a dozen partners a night ... As their movement for sexual liberation took hold, gay men changed partners as often as some people changed clothes. But the very behavior favored by them - anal intercourse - was particularly conducive to AIDS."

The popular 1988 book After the Ball by homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen provides a gritty look at the reality of the homosexual mentality.

On pages 308 to 310, the authors describe how public restrooms at Harvard University and other places were taken over by perverts who repeatedly engaged in nude public homosexual acts. Normal men who innocently entered to use the facilities were propositioned for anonymous sex.

Page 311 provides a guilt-free confession of a homosexual who deliberately and repeatedly rubbed his crotch against the rear end of a trapped 13-year old boy at an overcrowded rock concert. These reports and incidents come from the pro-homosexual side.

If this is what the same-sex marriage crowd freely admits to, then what are they hiding from public view?

Al Doyle

Here is Rieckman's rejection notice:

Dear Mr. Doyle,

After Kirby verified the authorship of the letter, we reviewed the content and determined it was not suitable for a newspaper that is widely distributed in Oshkosh schools and into homes where children have access to it.

Stewart Rieckman
Executive Editor
Oshkosh Northwestern

Without question Rieckman is withholding the horrendous truth about the actual, admitted activities of the homosexual community. He is censoring them so his readership remains in the dark as to how repugnant homosexuality is.

The things Al mentioned in his letter were what the queers openly admit to, from their own sources. He used clinical terms. He did not use profane or vulgar terms, except for as profane and vulgar (and vile and despicable) as sodomy inherently is. He gave FACTS. Just like when he was confronted by sodomite State Senator Tim Carpenter, who screamed an accusation that Al was guilty of using "EXTREME FACTS".

If they are indeed so terrible that they are unsuitable for publication in the Northworstern, then that is a tacit admission that homosexuality ITSELF is unsuitable for homes, schools, and children. If they won't print Al's letter, it shows that sodomy ITSELF is vile and unmentionable. In which case, the Northworstern has no business allowing homosexual activity or homosexual unions to be promoted on their pages. If the Northworstern had even as much integrity as a steroid shooting professional athlete they would campaign openly AGAINST homosexual activity and homosexual unions, because such are not suitable for homes, schools, and children.

I don't expect the Northworstern, or editor Rieckman, to muster up even that much integrity anytime soon.


  • At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Do you ever stop to think for one moment that heterosexual men engage in promiscuity just as much as homosexual men? There is plenty of research to back up the fact that there are millions of straight men that go to bars, sex clubs, etc. with the sole purpose of engaging in as much sex as possible every time they go out. And for your information, there are many straight coulpes who engage in and enjoy sodomoy as part of a healthy sex life. You are a complete idiot if you think that this only happens in the gay community.Why don't you dig yourself out of your own butthole and get a life!

  • At 10:06 PM, Blogger T.G. said…

    Nobody here is defending promiscuity of any kind. However, at last year's WI State Congressional hearing, WMD member Al Doyle presented sodomite Senator Tim Carpenter with documented facts that the average homosexual has OVER 100 sexual partners. All Carpenter could do was crawl across the table and scream at Al for using "such EXTREME facts!" - but he thereby admitted they were facts.

  • At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You always return your argument to the gay community! Answer the question. Why not tackle these issues in your own community first? And with your lame reasoning in your comment above, all anyone would have to do is lean accross a table and call you a homosexual and by your standards I guess this would then become fact!I sure wish I could be the one to catch you in a homosexual act so you could finally live your life without all the hate and live the way God intended you to live, that being a gay man.

  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger T.G. said…

    What question didn't I answer? I'm against promiscuity in heterosexual relatinships as well. I'm also against adultery and divorce.

    The difference is that heterosexual relationshops are not wrong unless someone violates the bond of marriage. Homosexual relationships are wrong in and of themselves.

    God does not intend for anyone to be homosexual.

  • At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    and god doesn't intend for you to be so angry and misunderstood.

    do you realize how stupid and misinformed you sound especially when you continue to say things like "the NorthWORSTERN" and
    Fair(y) WisconSIN.

    Get a life.


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