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Monday, October 30, 2006


The Fair(y) Wisconsin people are airing a very deceptive TV ad, using a farm and tractor suggesting a 'no' vote doesn't change anything. The fact is, all along they've been saying a 'YES' vote is unnessary because homosexual marriage is already illegal in Wisconsin. That means a 'YES' vote doesn't change anything. What a 'YES' vote does is define a "husband and wife" as a "man and woman" in the State Constitution to insure that an activist judge will not be able to easily overthrow the will of most Wisconsin citizens by single-handedly ruling to legalize sodomite marriage.

This is further proof that the lavendar lobby are liars. They won't simply make their argument for or against the amendment, because they KNOW they will LOSE. Instead they are trying to confuse the issue so voters will think voting 'no' is what they want when they really want what the 'YES' vote provides (status quo, marriage between ona man and one woman).

One of WMD's finest, Jared Longsine had a letter printed in today's Oshkosh Northwestern to set the record STRAIGHT:


Referendum opponents ads misleading voters

"Misleading" should be the slogan for those opposed to the marriage amendment, and their tactics for defeating it. They are spending millions on advertising stating that voting "No" will mean "No Changes". While for the short term a "No" vote will leave things as they are, the truth lies in the fact that the homosexual agenda is a two phase plan. Step one is to defeat the amendment, and step two is to have liberal judges legislate immorality from the bench. Don't believe me? See New Jersey and Massachusetts for the proof.

The reality is this: Voting "Yes" means keeping marriages the same as has been since the creation of man. It means keeping marriage the same as the federal and state government have it now. Voting "Yes" means protecting business owners from being forced to extend benefits to those who choose to live in immorality. Voting "Yes" means helping Wisconsin keep and attract talented, creative, and moral men and women to a state that has the same values as they do. Voting "Yes" means saving millions in health care costs that the state would have to provide to homosexual partners and other "domestic partnerships". These are just a few of many reasons to consider.

The homosexual lobby shouts discrimination. However, no one has ever said homosexuals couldn't have a job, live with whomever, eat wherever, and have parades wherever they want. This amendment has to do with maintaining what a Holy God ordained in the Garden of Eden, and standing on what the Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed: Marriage is only between one man and one woman.

You can either go with what the homosexuals call marriage, or by what God calls marriage. I would go with the safe bet and vote "Yes" on Nov. 7.

Jared Longsine Berlin


  • At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Jared Longsine said…

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  • At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Jared Longsine, de said…

    Ho Ho Ho, queer bait. Have a happy.

    Beat up others to kill the queer within.

    Beat up queers for Christ.

  • At 1:38 PM, Blogger Jared said…

    Can't refute the case I made, so you just post non-sense....that is rational. Good job.

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