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Tuesday, December 26, 2006



Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has become the poster boy illustrating the failure of Wisconsin public schools to teach people how to read.

Regarding the marriage amendment just passed, illiterate Jim opined, "I do not believe people in Wisconsin would have voted 'no' on civil unions."

Governor Doyle, please read the amendment. Get a tutor if you need one. In addition to banning homosexual
"marriage" it also banned any relationships "substantially similar" to marriage.

By a nearly 60-40 margin, the voters of Wisconsin made it clear they don't want legal recognition for sodomite fornicators. Obviously, Gov. Doyle does not represent the people of Wisconsin.

Doyle said it was clear to him after more than a year on the campaign trail that Wisconsin's citizens were in favor of some form of civil unions.

"Their main qualm is that they were not there on the issue of marriage, but they did believe we should provide some sort of basic legal protections for people who choose to spend their lives with each other," he said. "We saw that time after time."

Gov. Doyle, nearly 60% of Wisconsin citizens VOTED against homosexual "marriage", civil unions, or any other name you want to call them. Just because a dozen queers in Madtown told you otherwise doesn't mean they speak for the entire State.

Governor, you need to get out more. Out of office would be ideal.


  • At 5:33 PM, Anonymous p.g. again said…

    Pity you had to fall back to "moderated." Sure inhibits rational discussion. Oh wait, you don't want logic and rational discussion, just bigotry and hate. You sure can defend your position successfully when only you can speak. Douche-bag!

  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger T.G. said…

    I posted p.g.'s coment to show exactly why I had to switch to moderated status. He doesn't want rational discussion, he just wants to show his bigotry and hate by calling people "douche bags" and "rod suc*ers" (from his previous reply). He can't engage in ratinal discussion on this issue, because he is on the losing side.


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