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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"GAY MARRIAGE" - The CURE for Homosexuality



This interesting article shows how "gay mariage" can be the cure for homosexuality so long as the sodomite couple remained faithful to each other and did not bring children from straight couples into their "family".

In a generation or two, we'd see whether most homosexuals are really "born that way", or if they are steered that way by the queer community.

Unfortunately, I doubt the homosexuals would go for that because it would expose a few of their lies. They are not monogamous and since they can't reproduce children, they have to recruit them instead.

Anyone with sense can see that's why they gravitate to such vocations as teachers, counsellors, Scout leaders, the priesthood, and other places with ready access to children with minimal accountability.

If I'm wrong - take up the challenge and prove it.


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