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Saturday, July 18, 2009

OOPS, "Gays" CAN Change


Even in the animal word, homosexuality is a CHOICE and can be reversed. So much for the claim that they are "born that way" or that homosexuality is natural in the animal kingdom.


'Gay' is gone for penguins

Report says 'chick' breaks up male 'pair'

July 16, © 2009 WorldNetDaily

Two male penguins described by observers at the San Francisco Zoo as "gay" because they nested together have been broken up by a "chick," according to a new report.

But now there's been a change: Linda and Harry have paired up. She had been nesting with Fig. When Fig recently died, it took only weeks for Harry to be seen in Fig's burrow with Linda, Brown told the newspaper.

TG: In the book, they named the baby penguin "Tango" because "It takes two to make a Tango". Of course this is a deception, two males cannot create a baby.


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