The chronicles of the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Some may wonder why we are hitting Green Bay area Baptist churches.

Because this was a rally in THEIR town. We have been trying for as much as five years to get them to get involved in any slight effort to help stem the sodomite advance. When I can take a day off work and drive over an hour to spend eight hours protesting the sodomites in their city, it's not too much to ask them to drive ten minutes across town and spend an hour helping.

It doesn't take that much. A couple of hours carrying picket signs was sufficient to drive them out of Oshkosh. They might not mind some confrontation, but they will avoid exposure at all costs, and our signs reminded people of what the homosexual lifestyle actually entails.

Instead of joining us to battle the enemy, they are now making me their enemy, and casting their verbal venom toward me. Would to God they would show the same indignation against the sodomites that they are showing towards me. They don't want to appear as an enemy of the homosexuals, but they have no problem appearing as an enemy toward me. Something is dreadfully wrong with their aim and their priorities.

Hopefully, other area churches will want to avoid the stigma of being known as homo-friendly because of this and will decide to stand on our side of the line next time. If not, we haven't lost anything, we've been going it alone all this while anyway.


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