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Friday, October 09, 2009

HOMOPHOBIA Defined Accurately


Jim Rudd, Director of the Christian Street Preachers Alliance, said, "A Biblical overview on the topic of homosexuality reveals the proper methods institutions and civil governments are to apply in treating this activity. After reviewing these methods, one is left with a clear understanding of what the definition of homophobia really is."

Homophobe: A person who is frightened to speak out against the criminal activity of homosexuality. Due to the inseparable association between criminal characteristics and homosexuality, people who suffer from homophobia fear some sort of retaliation from these malefactors. Consequently, the homophobe says and does nothing while homosexuals publicly promote and maintain their criminal activities.

So fearful is the homophobe he will let society be brought to ruin before crying out for justice. All the cities around Sodom and Gomorrha, where many homophobes lived, suffered the vengeance of eternal fire the Book of Jude explains.


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