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Friday, January 29, 2010


WorldNetDaily Exclusive

'Gay' plan for bathrooms called 'moral insanity''

Activists demanding private mental delusions be accepted as public policy'

January 25, By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily

A Christian organization in Maine is asking its constituents to protest a state proposal that would give boys who call themselves girls full access to girls' restrooms, locker rooms and cheerleading squads.

The Christian Civic League of Maine said in a statement the "latest demand by the homosexual lobby is quite intolerable, having sunk to the level of an impossible absurdity."

"Gay activists are now demanding that young girls believe and publicly acknowledge that a biological boy in their locker room is, in fact, a girl," the group said.

The Maine Human Rights Commission proposed a set of guidelines that would require schools "to allow young children to have access to facilities of the opposite sex. Under the proposed guidelines, boys who self-identify as female will have access to girls' sports teams and cheerleading squads, girls' bathrooms, and girls' locker rooms."

TG: I wonder how many boys will call themselves girls to get access to the girls locker rooms?

No, teenaged boys would never do something like that ;-)


  • At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Ryan Jeremy said…

    this is the worst site I have ever stumbled upon....you manage to mix homophobia, irrational suspicion and absolute stupidity all in to one site. Congratulations you giant waste of life.

  • At 12:34 AM, Blogger T.G. said…

    Thank you for your support.


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